Tailored solutions

In addition to the ETYPE Publishing Platform and the ETYPE Publications we also offer tailored digital publishing solutions to B2B customers. Tailored solutions can, for example, be advanced sales and product configuration tools, or marketing tools for different fields of industry.

The customer solutions can be integrated in the digital publications created with the ETYPE Publishing tools or in the web shops or enterprise systems of the customer. A small project can be carried out in a few months, and a larger project might take 4–6 months from start to finish. A project usually includes analysis of the possible solutions, service design, implementation and testing, and after the solution is delivered, we take care of maintenance.

NEW: In March 2021 we launched a new ETYPE solution for the music industry. The new helps bands inform the listeners about new records, upcoming gigs etc. It also helps bands and booking agencies showcase gig organizers what kind music the bands play, what their gig performances are like, and what kind of costs are involved if they decide to book a gig. Record companies can use the same solution to market new releases. Read more…