A new ETYPE service for musicians, bands, booking agencies and record companies.

This new solution helps bands inform the listeners about new records, upcoming gigs etc. It also helps bands and booking agencies showcase gig organizers what kind music the bands play, what their gig performances are like, and what kind of costs are involved if they decide to book a gig. Record companies can use the same solution to market new releases.

The compact and easy-to-use solution can include, for example:

  • Front page with links/buttons to the content
  • Basic information about the band
  • Band interviews and music videos
  • Integrated Spotify playlist(s)
  • Links to webshops to purchase records and merchandise
  • Information about upcoming gigs

NOTE: In addition to the normal version aimed for the consumers, additional versions for media use (ie. for record release) and for gig and festival organizers are easy to create. They can also be with protected with password in case sensitive information – like prices for different kinds of performances, and travel and accommodation costs – are included.

All this is combined in an app like, mobile friendly and easy-to-share experience. This way all the important information can be found in one place, which helps the customers to make a decision to purchase the record attend a gig, and the gig organizers to book the band.

Please contact jukka.kolari (at) coriosi.com if you want to hear more!

MOUNT MARY is a Helsinki based new band playing original new hard rock from Helsinki, Finland. The band plays their own original material. Mount Mary published a new record in spring 2021 and we created them a all-in-one solution to accompany the record release. Please have a look!