Digital publishing service

ETYPE Publishing Platform is a completely new kind of digital publishing platform for book publishers and other companies around the world. The ETYPE Publishing Platform makes it easy to publish, distribute and sell ebooks either as digital flipbooks or as enriched and interactive publications.

Here you can have a look at some examples of enrichments in ebooks and digital brochures.

ETYPE Publishing Platform is licensed as a service, and we will help the customer in all the steps needed for publishing their books as digital versions (either as easy-to-read digital flipbooks or as enriched ebooks). After the convertion and enrichment the ebooks will be available for sale. The readers can then purchase lisences for the ebooks and login to the platform to read/use them online with a computer or a tablet by using a standard web browser.

The ETYPE Publishing Platform is a perfect solution for creating, publishing, distributing and selling many kinds of materials digitally either as flip books or as enriched publications:

  • Books (both fiction and all kinds of non-fiction)
  • Magazines
  • Brochures, sales materials and catalogues
  • Enriched annual reports, newsletters and other corporate communication materials
  • Workbooks and other educational materials
  • How-to guides, handbooks and instruction manuals